Brame Compression

What is Brame Compression

BRAME is a new and efficient encoder for data compression. It has exceptional performance for small files and transactional data. It can be deployed as a key part of an end-to-end data transmission process and works for both Consumer/Enterprise and IoT environments.

Here we present a simple analysis of a large body of text samples compressed with GZIP and compared to Brame. It is a reasonable conclusion to say that Brame Compression compares very favourably with the industry standard compressor GZIP.

ANALYSIS 1: Brame Compression vs. GZIP (Newspaper Articles)

Taking 20,000 newspaper articles - averaging 500 words in length - let's compare the average resultant compressed output sizes:

Uncompressed (100%)
GZIP (51%)
BRAME (38.9%)


ANALYSIS 2: Brame Compression vs. GZIP (Tweets)

Taking a rather different view and looking at the ability of Brame and GZIP to compress small text samples - in this case a corpus of 100,000 tweets - let's compare the compressed output sizes:

Uncompressed (100%)
GZIP (139.5%)
BRAME (39.3%)


Try it yourself...

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One or two points you might see with a little experimentation: